COSMIC PALMS ~ Born in Hawaii


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Cosmic Palms is a luxury beauty & swimwear brand based on Oahu, Hawaii and now Bali, Indonesia!

In 2015 Lindsey Grandy moved to Hawaii for college. Throughout her college years, she spent many days on some of the best beaches in the world hanging out and taking photographs. By 2019 she was ready to launch her first beauty collection inspired by island living, and her love skincare and photography.

Cosmic Palms is Lindseyʻs expression of all things sun-kissed. A versatile fashion-forward line of bikinis that can be worn in and out of the water as well as eco-friendly body shimmers that give you that after-the-beach glow all day or night.

Lindsey studied Environment Science and Ocean Ecology so the importance of sustainability is woven into her products, her production, and her packaging. She now lives in Indonesia pursuing her dream of designing swim and soon clothing.



How are our beauty products eco-friendly?
We use mica in our products which is an environmentally friendly alternative commonly used in cosmetics to commonly used plastic glitters- it is a silicate mineral found in rocks. We also practice lowering our carbon footprint by using glass bottles & eco-friendly packaging, any alternative to plastic! Living by the ocean has had a huge role in wanting to be eco-friendly & we plan to practice more of this.